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Asset Protection

Many of our clients at Hodges Doughty & Carson PLLC are business owners. In a litigious and opportunistic business world, we believe that every business owner should have a trusted legal advisor to help them evaluate (and periodically re-evaluate) strategies to legally protect the assets and wealth that they have accumulated. If circumstances become dire, our business and corporate attorneys also have experience advising clients about when they should consider bankruptcy.

However, we advocate a proactive and preventative approach to asset protection and planning. The attorneys in our asset protection practice are experienced in developing and implementing a number of techniques to maximize the legal protection of our clients’ assets and wealth against frivolous lawsuits and other unforeseen liabilities. These asset protection techniques range from simple strategies to take advantage of the limited liability protection afforded by corporations and LLCs, to more complex asset protection vehicles such as strategic debt structuring, asset protection trusts under the Tennessee Investment Services Act of 2007, and other types of trusts.

Business succession planning is also an area where a legal advisor with extensive experience in asset protection and trusts can be an invaluable resource.

Our attorneys who practice in this area: